Bagheera is only 11 months old and was brought into us, following a road traffic accident, by a member of the public. After scanning his microchip we were able to locate his owner.

Bagheera presented to us with massive facial swelling, a fractured hard palate (roof of the mouth) with a fistula through to his nasal cavity.  He had also skinned part of his gum.  It was hard to assess his vision due to the severity of his swelling.

After initial stabilisation, radiographs were performed, to indicate if there were any further internal injuries.

The radiographs revealed that Bagheera’s internal organs were intact.  An oesophagostomy feeding tube was placed  – this is a tube, placed surgically, in order for us to administer his food and medication directly, as he was unable to eat given his facial injuries.

Bagheera stayed in the hospital with us for 11 days receiving intensive nursing 24hours a day.  Here he is below on the day he went home!

Bagheera really was a wonderful patient, he purred throughout and was a real pleasure to look after.  We are so thankful to have been able to help him.