Lyla is a 6 month old white boxer that visited us as a referral patient after fracturing her leg.  Whilst on a walk Lyla went out of view of her owners, they heard a yelp and when they got to her she was unable to get up and could not use her left-hind, it is assumed she slipped or fell on the mud.

Lyla was admitted by Vet, Rupert for pain relief hospitalisation and radiographs.  These images were taken and revealed a fracture to her left femur.  Martin Hobbs and Rupert Davenport made a plan for surgical repair, measurements were taken from the radiographic images so that we were able to order the orthopaedic equipment required.  Surgery was scheduled for 48hours later.

At the time of surgery the fracture was successfully reduced, an orthopaedic plate was positioned on to the shaft of the bone to keep the fragments in place and then secured in with 9 surgical screws.  The incision was sutured closed and post-operative radiographs revealed good alignment of the fracture.   Lyla recovered well from her anaesthetic and procedure and was kept in the hospital for 24hour nursing care and analgesia.

By the very next day Lyla was bright, comfortable and starting to weight-bear on the limb!  She was discharged home to her owner – she was to be kept strictly rested with lead walks only for toileting.

Martin performed Lyla’s re-check appointment 2 weeks later to remove her sutures and was very pleased with her recovery, the owners could now start gradual exercise at 10minutes 4 times per day which would slowly be increased in the coming weeks.